Claimed: de Urban Ninja Geocoin

On may 31 this year, another snag the tag event begun. For this event serie a bunch of ’tags’ are hidden around the world, in this case a little ninja-backpack.

These are mostly placed and hidden by previous clogs, through the website at you can receive announcements about these placements. Kind of like a FTF-hunt, only there’s literally place something physical you can actually keep: the ninja geocoin!

Normally you should’ve gone to America for the event, where you can get the ninja-coin. Except this year, Lingbeek from Waadpak-Stad (Dutch for Elburg) created a receive event in the Netherlands.

On this day myself and a bunch of other gold-hunter lucky finders of a placed ninja-backpack, came to Waadpak-Stad to collect the coin of the Ninja.

So the previously found backpack together with the received ninja geocoin, creates a double geocoin. Super cool! Special thanks to the super urban ninja hider of this geocoin!!